Heart Shaped Moon

May 31, 2010

I would like to share one of over a dozen heart shaped images of the Moon photos that we have taken in the month of May. We have also added a different heart shaped images of the Moon taken in May onto our website www.oursonbilly.com photo of the month, if you care to view a different heart shaped image of the moon your more than welcome. This photo of the heart shaped Moon was taken on May 21 2010.

Love is everything and nothing else matters


Messages of Hope

May 19, 2010

    I would like to let everyone know about and visit this blog that I came across, www.suzannegiesemann.com  Suzanne’s blog is an amazing spirit-inspired blog of hundreds of spirit-inspired poems. Every word comes to Suzzanne each day while in deep meditation.  Suzanne’s spirit-inspirited poems are a very helpful tool for everyone to use in there daily lives. We have one of Suzanne’s poems on our website which deals with grief.  I hope everyone gets a chance to browse through and read some of her poems because they are so uplifting and amazing.

Have a great day


June 26 2010 will make 6 years since the loss of our son Billy, in that time I have done a great deal of web searching about grief & bereavement websites, forums and other grief related links. I wanted to learn what they were about and read some of what others have gone through with their own loss and to let others know about our own story about Billy and of the amazing event which began months after Billy crossed over to heaven. Two of my favorite websites are  www.legacy.com  and www.webhealing.com  there you can visit the different forums, read the many articles, create your own free page and tell your story and respond to others who’s story may be close to your own loss. We should always  remember that our loved one’s who have crossed over to heaven are always close by and we will all be together again.

Love is everything nothing else matters