Different signs that our loved ones leave us

July 5, 2010

     Our loved ones who have crossed over to heaven are always close by and they do try to let us know that they are around. Reading my blog or website www.oursonbilly.com you can see one of the most obvious signs are through photographs like orbs, moving lights, spirit essence and our favorite the image of the moon in the shape of a heart. But there are many other signs that our loved ones can and do leave us.  We have a couple of motion sensor light’s that Billy will keep making them blink on and off, sometimes for many minutes at a time. Other signs from Billy are heart-shaped clouds, making my cursor on my laptop move across the screen, playing around with our Xbox video games and another favorite are through dreams which are so vivid, full of color and feel very real, which they are.

     I have a friend Mary Shannon Bell who also has a website and blog with different types of signs that our loved ones can and do give us. Some of which I haven’t paid much attention to that I found very interesting. You can visit Mary’s blog at www.maryshannonbell.com/blog  I’m sure that you will enjoy reading Mary’s blog and about the signs that she has been able to receive.

Have a great day



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