Crossing Over

October 15, 2010

My father in-law Andy which is of course is my wife’s dad, “passed away” crossed over to the otherside ” heaven” on October 13 2010.  My father in- law Andy had been in the hospital for about two weeks with multiple health problems.  This past weekend we received the news from the doctors, which we could see coming,  that nothing more could be done, which is always heartbreaking.

  I sent an email to our good friend spirit messenger Vicki Monroe asking her about Andy being in the hospital and about his crossing over.

Vicki reply was that – My feeling from Billy, he’s more that ready to go, He will make a very smooth transition, and Billy will be there waiting. Billy actually can’t wait for him to get there, he wants to get him re-acquainted with life in OUR real world and it will all be okay.

I passed the message over to my mother in-law and to others, and I could tell that it  helped her feel better.  It’s always nice to know that our loved ones who crossed over are okay and to learn that their transition was a smooth one and that they were ready to go.  I know from experience with the loss of our son Billy, that knowing that our loved ones who do leave us to go home “heaven” are okay safe, happy and healthy.

I am now looking forward to receiving sign from my father in-law as well as from our son Billy, which will really be cool.  I am looking  forward if  there is a sign or message from my father in-law that I can tell you about, I will.

Our loved ones who have crossed over are always close by, guiding us during our own journey here on earth.  They are more alive after they cross over then they ever were while they were here in flesh & blood and they know how we feel about them , they can hear us when we think or talk about them and they know whats in our hearts. They also want us to know that they are okay and that we must keep moving forward with our lives, living it to the fullest.

Love is everything, nothing else matters

Love you Andy

From all of us



4 Responses to “Crossing Over”

  1. Guy,
    I was so inspired to read your post about your father-in-law. When you first told me he had crossed over I knew and felt immediately that it was a joyful reunion with Billy and that he was there waiting for him. 🙂 As I do realize none of us are ever ready to lose our loved ones in physical form, it is very comforting for me to know that the Other Side is truly a beautiful place and that we live eternally in spirit form over there, experiencing much joy and bliss and continuing to grow and learn as a soul. The many true stories that people have submitted to my website and we have included in our book, have also brought me great peace and understanding about physical death.
    Thank you for your website Guy and for sharing Billy’s message of love along with the true understanding that our loved ones are still with us in spirit form after they leave us in physical form. God bless you and Jo-Ann both.
    Angie Pechak Printup
    Founder, “He Blew Her A Kiss – Inspirational Stories of Communications from Loved Ones Who Have Passed.”

  2. Lisa Halsey Says:

    Hi Guy my name is Lisa Halsey your web site about your son Billy has made me realize that my son Daniel who was killed Nov.16th 2008 in a car accident while texting and driving my story is kind of simular to yours my husband is still devastated of daniels death. i want to contact Vikie Menroe to make sure he is ok he has giving me sighns i do see orbits in some of his pictures i hear foot steps doors closing sometimes i can feel this cold sinsation everytime i talk about him to friends. my heart aches i miss him so much i just want to know he is ok and that he didn’t feel any pain if he was scared he hit a 9ft tree stump and was ejected from his car he was alone he was 3 hrs away at college i couldn’t get to him his football coach had to identify his body the next time i saw my little boy would be at his funeral all i did was just climbed in his casket to try to bring him home he looked so peacefull like he was sleeping he didn’t have any markes on his face the detective said that a blunt object went threw the back of his head thats what killed him. please help me and give me the courage to go on with my life and give me closure i just want him to know that i was very proud of him. And that his dad a little brother miss him so much and are so lost with out him he was my best friend i just want him to know that if i could of i would of tryed to change it he was partying that night and i have a feeling that the girl he was with knew he was tired i want to blame her only Daniel has that answer i need answers. My baby boy needs to rest in peace. thank you for your time i hope u can help a grieving mother Lisa

    • Hello Lisa;

      First, I am so sorry for the loss of son Daniel and your story is very simular to our own story. What I can tell you from what we have learned from Billy through Vicki Monroe and a few others ways, is that our loved ones who cross over are okay.
      They are safe, happy, healthy and alway close by. They know that we love them with all of our hearts and that we miss them, they also know whats in our hearts.
      They want us to always keep moving forward, living our lives to the fullest. They don’t want us to grieve one minute longer then we have to, of which everyone is different on how long and the way they grieve. There comes a time when we have to start living our lives and start moving forward. And when it comes our time to cross over to heaven they will be there to greet us and we will be together again.
      I also wish that I could have changed the event which took Billy’s life, but as Billy told us through Vicki Monroe, there was nothing that anyone could have said or done that would have changed the event for Billy’s accident. Billy told us that his purpose and leasons that he was here to take part in was complete and that it was his time to go “home” heaven. it was his time.
      I can tell you that your son Daniel is fine, for he is back to our real “home” heaven and he is safe, happy, healthy and always close to you. Our loved ones who have crossed over to heaven are also trying to help us to start moving forward with our lives, but we also have to do our part to start the process of moving forward, one day at a time.
      Feel free to contact us anytime, and it you like you could always send Vicki Monroe an email with a question, her website is

      Take care and God Bless

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