Spirit photographs from families who have received signs from a loved one

April 4, 2011

Our website www.oursonbilly.com with our story and the many spirit photographs, signs from our son Billy,  have over the years,  received many emails and spirit photographs from other families who have received signs from a loved one who has crossed over to heaven. I would like to share a few with you on our blog.

Spirit face and spirit orbs

This photograph was sent to us from Biddeford Maine. If you click onto the photograph for a larger image, you can see on the right side of the fire and smoke a couple of large orbs and inside of the orbs you can clearly see an image of a face, it’s really amazing.

Spirit orbs

This photograph was sent to us from Tennessee. As you can see the large spirit orbs above the cheerleaders.

Spirit orbs

This photograph of many spirit orbs was sent to us from the state of Oregon.

Spirit energy

This photograph was sent to us from the state of  Alabama, and as you can see there is a great deal of spirit energy around the child in this photograph.

The cross in light

 I couldn’t find or recall if I was given the state of this photograph or not,  but I like the photograph. If you look just above the grave site memorial, you may notice a purple colored cross made of light, it amazing.

Our loved ones who have crossed over to heaven are always close by. They give us signs in many different ways, photographs are just one of many ways that our loved ones try to connect with us. by reading some of our older post, one…. dated July 5 2010 – Different signs that our loved ones leave us and, second…… dated July 23 2010 – Books a true stories of signs from loved ones in heaven.

If you have ever received a sign from a loved one who has crossed over to heaven and would like to share it with us and others, feel free to email us the photograph that you would like to share and we’ll try to get it on a future blog update.

Have a great day



4 Responses to “Spirit photographs from families who have received signs from a loved one”

  1. Beverley Bailey Says:

    I love your site and your love for Billy, i am a medium and work with parents who have lost their children,as you say it is their time,i have have too much evidence to ever disbelieve that there is life after death,my background is science.
    Billy looks so beautiful i bet he is doing some wonderful work on the other side.

    All my love to yourself and family.


  2. Lori Braun Says:

    My dad passed 10/18/2011, the day before he passed, I and my sister had asked him to make sure he sent us signs every now and then to let us know he was around. A few minutes after dad passed, I was using my cell phone to call my husband. However, every number I pressed to dial (507794etc.) came up on my screen as 7777777777. I tried calling my daughter, same thing happened. I took out the battery and rebooted. Same thing 7777777777! I took the battery out again and rebooted. All the while this was happening I was telling my brothers and my sister about all of the sevens and I was frustrated because my phone had worked all day until then! Well, fast forward ten days (10/27). I and my sis were going to dad’s apartment to finish cleaning it out. As I parked my car and was getting out, directly at my feet and equal to the driver side door there was something laying on the ground. I started to walk into the building and thought again about the paper on the ground. I took a step back and picked it up. It was a lottery ticket and plastered all over the front of it was SIzzlin Sevens Win up to $77,777 etc.! I was shocked. More sevens! I brought it in to show my sis. We thought it just had to mean something! Should I buy a lottery ticket? Is that what it meant? I tucked it in my purse and I and my sis finished our job cleaning the apartment. On the way home after we had finished, I called my daughter and reminded her about my phone and all of the 7’s and now how I had this lottery ticket with the Sizzlin’ Sevens all over it. She was quiet on the other end of the phone. She finally said in a shakey voice “Mom? Haven’t you ever heard how the number 7 is connected with God and Heaven? In school (she attended the same Catholic school I had gone to and graduated from) we learned about how in the Bible the number seven appears in different ways and it is a sign of completeness and the connection between God and man”! My mouth just dropped and I think I quit breathing for a moment. Here my dear, sweet 92 1/2 yr old father was trying to send me a sign just minutes after he reached Heaven and all I did was complain about my phone not working! Dad must have just shook his head! Then he sent another sign… Sizzlin’ Sevens! Win $77,777! And still his silly daughters did not put two and two together…only my daughter caught on! Oh, I truly believe we get signs. I got them, Twice!

    • Hello Lori: Sorry to hear of the loss of your dad and I am happy that you are able to understand that our loved ones who have crossed over can and do give us signs that they are stil close by. Thank you for your story.

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