My dragonfly Sign

September 6, 2011

My wife and I have a friend,  Brenda who we have known for 40 years or so crossed over to heaven back in July of 2011 and one of Brenda’s favorite things are dragonflies.  At Brenda’s graveside service we released dragonfly balloons which we watch float away.

   This past weekend a few of us went to the Windsor Fair where I had two dragonfly’s land on me, one on my t-shirt and another on the back of my hand.  The dragonfly which landed on my hand stayed there for a little bit, we all said it was Brenda paying us a visit then it flew away.

The following day we went to see our niece cheerleading for the Maine Black Bears football team. While we were enjoying the game and our niece cheerleading I had another dragonfly land on my hand for a moment and then fly away. I guess Brenda wanted us to know that she was with us at the game to. By the way Maine won 28 – 13 over Bryant college and our niece did a great job cheerleading.

  Our loved ones give us my different signs to let us know that they are still close by, just keep and open mind and heart.

Have a great day



2 Responses to “My dragonfly Sign”

  1. Janet Volasko Says:

    Great site, I have come across it today a year and a half since the passing of my husband of 30 years. He has been throwing me dimes and pennies for the last few months, not taking them as 100 percent proof , last night i asked for some strenght to carry forward, I got in the shower and there was a dime on the shelf, no way it was put there accidently, I cried, we always took showers together.

    Janet Volasko

    • Hello Janet: Thank you for your comment. Our loved ones give us signs in many different forms, coins, feathers, lights, smells, photographs and so many other ways. It’s always nice to hear from others who reconizes signs from their loved ones.

      Take care

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