Keepsakes from our loved ones who have crossed over

January 24, 2012

This post as nothing to do with signs from our loved ones. But it does deal with what I think many of us have had to deal with since the loss of our loved ones. I for one had to deal with this issue.  That is, keeping  something from a loved ones who has crossed over.

I have received emails, read books and talked with others about how they feel about keeping an item which belonged to their loved one, anything from jewelry, clothing, tools, a collection of some kind, photographs and countless other items. There is nothing wrong with keeping items from a loved one who has crossed over, it’s a choice for each individuals to make, there is no right or wrong unless it keeps you from moving forward or holding you to the past.

The main point to this post is for those who have kept some item’s from their loved ones and worry that if they lose, give away or sell the item’s that they have kept, that their loved one who has crossed over will be upset or angry with them.

NOT SO:  Our loved ones: who have crossed over, have nothing but pure love for us. They do not care one way or the other what we do with the material things that we have kept of theirs.  That is only for us, for our own comfort and connection with our loved one.  Our loved ones only care about LOVE, about us moving forward with our lives, living our lives to the fullest, being happy, having fun and doing the best that we can.

There is nothing wrong with having item’s from our loved ones who have crossed over and enjoying the comfort and memories they bring us. We just can’t let the item’s hold us back or hold us to the past or worry if our loved ones who have crossed over think that they may be upset with us about such things. Love is all they all for us.

I for one have a bracelet and necklace which belonged to our son Billy who crossed over on June 26 2004. I no longer wear them, but I have kept them, and I hope to give them to a very special person in the near future.  I don’t worry about Billy being upset or angry if I chose to give them away or loosing them,.

Anyway, for anyone who may be worried about giving away, selling or loosing item’s from your loved one who has crossed over: Don’t worry, it no longer matters to our loved ones one way or the other. LOVE is the only thing that matter to our loved ones.  Remember they want us to live our lives to the fullest, be happy and do the best that we can while we are here.   LOVE is everything nothing else matters.


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