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Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone around the world.  I was thinking about what to write and I even asked my son Billy in heaven to help me with it. Then it hit me that Valentine’s day is today and our loved ones who have crossed over to heaven are still with us and want us to understand that they still love us with all of their hearts and want us to know this, what better day than Valentine’s day to let everyone know.

 One of the things that I buy for my wife Jo-Anne are roses, since the loss of our son Billy I started buying just 3 roses on Valentine’s day. One from our son Billy, one from our other son Robert who is still with us and one is from myself.  This year I bought my wife Jo-Anne 4 roses, I have this year included her dad who crossed over last October.  I just want to let others know that there is nothing wrong with including the names of our loved ones who have crossed over to heaven for things like that.  They are still very close to us and want us to know that there love for us is never-ending.  

This photo below is one of many heart shaped signs that we have received from our son Billy

Heart Shaped Moon

Love is everything and nothing else matters.

Happy Valentine’s day


Crossing Over

October 15, 2010

My father in-law Andy which is of course is my wife’s dad, “passed away” crossed over to the otherside ” heaven” on October 13 2010.  My father in- law Andy had been in the hospital for about two weeks with multiple health problems.  This past weekend we received the news from the doctors, which we could see coming,  that nothing more could be done, which is always heartbreaking.

  I sent an email to our good friend spirit messenger Vicki Monroe asking her about Andy being in the hospital and about his crossing over.

Vicki reply was that – My feeling from Billy, he’s more that ready to go, He will make a very smooth transition, and Billy will be there waiting. Billy actually can’t wait for him to get there, he wants to get him re-acquainted with life in OUR real world and it will all be okay.

I passed the message over to my mother in-law and to others, and I could tell that it  helped her feel better.  It’s always nice to know that our loved ones who crossed over are okay and to learn that their transition was a smooth one and that they were ready to go.  I know from experience with the loss of our son Billy, that knowing that our loved ones who do leave us to go home “heaven” are okay safe, happy and healthy.

I am now looking forward to receiving sign from my father in-law as well as from our son Billy, which will really be cool.  I am looking  forward if  there is a sign or message from my father in-law that I can tell you about, I will.

Our loved ones who have crossed over are always close by, guiding us during our own journey here on earth.  They are more alive after they cross over then they ever were while they were here in flesh & blood and they know how we feel about them , they can hear us when we think or talk about them and they know whats in our hearts. They also want us to know that they are okay and that we must keep moving forward with our lives, living it to the fullest.

Love is everything, nothing else matters

Love you Andy

From all of us