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August 30, 2015

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The Bond Of Love

October 17, 2014

15 Copy of 1 OCT 2005

never say goodby

The death of a loved one

January 21, 2013

Our loved ones who have crossed over are still very much with us.

Our loved ones who have crossed over are still very much with us.

We are all Spiritual Beings

Near Death Experience

March 15, 2011

A couple of months ago I happen to catch a couple of episodes on the BIO channel –  I survived…..Beyond and Back, by the way, a great program, about people who have had a NDE. I watched an episode with a man named Anthony Kimbrough who was having a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital where he had his NDE.  I was able to connect with Anthony through his website/blog and read about his experience which truly came from the heart.

 I will give you a link which will bring up a page with Anthony’s website/blog page. When you arrive to Anthony’s website, look to the upper right and you will see a link to his ( Beyond and Back question page).   There you will be able to read what Anthony experience, felt and saw while Anthony was on the other- side and of what Anthony learned about himself while he was on the other- side. Here is the link to Anthony Kimbrough website/blog. .  I hope that you will visit Anthony’s Beyond and Back page, I believe it’s worth reading because of his experience and what Anthony talk’s about comes from the heart.

Remember – Love is everything and nothing else matters.

Have a great day