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Heart – Shaped Lights

June 23, 2011

I would like to share this heart – shaped image of lights which I took yesterday June 22, 2011. A couple of days ago I installed some inexpensive christmas tree lights onto our garage and onto one of our trees.  I went outside to take a few photographs last night and this is one of three heart – shaped images which we continue to received from our son Billy in heaven. You can zoom onto the photograph for better viewing. You’ll may also notice many orbs around the heart-shaped lights.

Love is everything nothing else matters

Have a great day


I would like to share our new updated, Love is everything nothing else matters video. Our video is a collection of  amazing heart-shaped images of the moon and christmas tree lights. We have been and continue to receive these amazing heart-shaped images from our son Billy who crossed over to heaven on June 26 2004. We have a website which everyone is welcome to visit, read our story and view a few pages of the amazing signs that we continue to receive from our son Billy.  We hope that you enjoy the short video.

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I just bought a new Nikon Coolpix s3000 digital 12.0 megapixel camera. I couldn’t wait to take to start taking spirit photographs with this new camera and see how they will turn out with a 12 megapixel photograph. I have been and continue to use my two Kodak cameras the first is my cx7300 3.2 megapixel and the other my Kodak z760 6.1 megapixel camera. I have also used many of the inexpensive disposable cameras and my wife’s Kodak 8.2 megapixel camera, all with great results.

I bought this new camera because I have been having problems with my Kodak z760 6.1 megapixel camera, the selector button keeps getting stuck, a real pain. Anyway here are 3 of the 25 that were taken last night November 23 2010.

Spirit orbs and spirit essence

Spirit energies

Spirit energies

Many Spirit orbs


 For those who may be a  new visitor to our blog, we also have a website which anyone may visit read our story and view a few pages of the type of spirit photographs that we have and continue to receive.  We hope the you enjoy these photographs and hopefully you’ll get out your cameras and taken some spirit photos. Your welcome to send us your spirit photos and if possible I may be able to use a photo or two for a photo of the month on our website or one day on this blog.

Have a great Holiday week


I would like to share a sample of the type of spirit photographs that we have been able to collect for the past 30 days, along with a photograph that was sent to us from France which is really cool. I want to share the type of signs through photographs that our loved ones, spirit guides and angelic being can and do give us.  

There are many different kinds of signs that our loved ones, spirit guides and angelic being can and do give us, for me many of them are through photographs. We have a large collection of about 40,000 photographs that we have taken over the past 5 plus years since our son Billy crossed over to heaven.  You may also like to read some of  my past blog’s and learn about other types of signs that our loved ones can and do give us which I have written about from others who have done a great job in collecting stories from many others who have receive signs from their loved ones.

Okay, back to the types of spirit  photographs that I have taken over the past 30 days. Spirit photos come in many different images and here are a few of them.

This first photograph was taken indoors in our family room October 6 2010. Notice the spirit energy using the light from our TV.  Yes I was watching Star Trek Voyager, I like the show….LOL.

Spirit light


This second photograph was also taken on October 6 2010, this time outside of our home’s back yard. This photograph is filled with spirit energy, beginning with the large Golden orbs, which is one of 26 golden orb photograph that were taken that day.  Second image on this photograph are the white orbs and third the streaking light from our outdoor light.

Spirit energy


The third photo was taken on october 13 2010.  I love taking photographs of the Moon because I am always hoping for a heart-shaped image of the moon, sometimes I receive one and other times I receive something like this one. You can see the light from the Moon in a curve and you may also notice the orb that seems to rest atop of the curved light from the Moon. I think sometimes they like to play around….LOL.

Moon and orb


The fourth photo that I would like to share is a photo of our outdoor light which was taken on October 13 2010.  I like to call this spirit energy light my angel light photograph. If you can zoom in a little bit you may notice that the spirit light image kind of takes on an angelic form. I have receive emails and comment from other saying the same thing, pretty cool.

Angel light


The fifth photograph is one of my all time favorite signs from our son Billy, the heart-shaped image of the moon. This photograph was taken on October 17 2010 from our home. I really really love these, really I do.

Heart shaped moon


The sixth photograph of many spirit orbs was taken on October 26 2010 is one of 57 photographs that were taken that day. You can see that there were so many orbs that it filled the camera lens, also you can see the spirit energy in our outdoor light.

many spirit orbs


The seventh photo was taken this morning. November 3 2010. I wanted to take a few photographs of the moon hoping to receive a heart-shaped image and this is what I receive. The white ” mist” or more accurately called spirit essence appeared on the photograph. I really like this type of photograph,  because I can see them ( spirit essence ) just as the camera flash is going off. I can see their size, color and shape, and they appear more amazing with the eye then they do on photographs.

Spirit Essence


The last photograph which I enjoy was email to me by Thierry Chauvet of Toulon France. This photo was taken at home of which you can see the heart-shaped orb by the curtain rod. This photo is also on our photo of the month our website .

Heart shaped orb


I hope that you enjoy the different types of spirit photographs and remember that anyone can take photograph like this,  just keep an open mind and start taking photographs.

If you have a spirit photogrph that you would like to share, just email them to me and we’ll see if we can have the photo on a future blog our on our photo of the month on www.oursonbilly’s website.

Have a great day


Spirit Lights

September 17, 2010

Spirit lights

 Last weekend we celebrated my parents 60th wedding anniversary which was held outdoors at our home on September 11 2010. It’s always a great time to have  family and friends getting together and enjoying each other company and even better when we can celebrate 60 years of  a couple being together for that amount of time, just think of all of the memories that they have collected over that time.   

Anyway the reason that I mentioned my parents 60th wedding anniversary is because it’s about love family and friends having a great time and enjoying each others company. Of course we are not the only ones at our parents 60th wedding anniversary party, as you know I have taken and continue to take many photographs, not only of family events but signs from our loved ones on the other side. Our loved ones who cross over to “heaven” are always close by and they to love to go to family events like the rest of us. I have taken many photographs at weddings and other family events in which our loved ones can and do let us know that they are very close to us and want us to know that they are close by.  

I would like to share 3 photographs that were taken at my parents 60th. I won’t upload any photographs which have a clear view of anyone at our anniversary party, of course for their privacy and I haven’t asked any of them for their okay, it’s something I may do so that I can display many other photographs with people and spirit activity. 

This first photograph at the top of this page was taken a couple of days before the party, my wife and I were setting thing’s up for the weekend party. This photo shows the frame-work with lights which will have a canopy in case of rain, as you can see the tiny christmas tree lights were streaking. 

In the second photograph which was taken a little later in the evening. you can see very clearly the tables, chairs, water bottles and the heavy spirit activity that was happening under our homemade canopy. 

Inside our canopy moving lights

Our third photograph was taken near the end of my parents 60th wedding anniversary party. It was starting to cool off so we started a camp fire to stay warm, we sat and talked and of course we took a few photographs of which this in one of a few that were taken with spirit activity. They sure enjoy letting us know that they are near by, which is okay with me.  

Spirit activity

Our loved ones who have crossed over to “heaven” are alway close by and they can and do give us signs that they are close by. So the next time that you have a family event or some type of gathering, try taking a few photographs, I mostly use night flash when taking any photographs, it seems to work the best.  I also mostly use two digital cameras, but I have noticed that the inexpensive disposable cameras work well, especially at weddings.

 Remember Love is everything and nothing else matters.


 I have received emails from people who have suffered the loss of a loved one, who like myself felt partially responsible for their loss.  For me it was the loss of our oldest son Billy, who died while riding his ATV at night hitting a tree, where he died instantly, that was June 26 2004. 

I felt partially responsible because of a dream I had the night our son Billy had his accident.  My dream was that someone in our family died,  I could see the funeral and the people gathering at the funeral.  the dream was so powerful,  that  I awoke very  unsettled and nearly woke up my wife so we could call both of our sons to make sure that they were okay,  but I didn’t wake her, I just passed it off  as it just being a dream, nothing more.  The next day, Sunday at around 10:00 am we received the most heartbreaking and devastating news any parent could ever receive, that one of their children has died.  Of course the dream I had the night before came back into my mind.

Besides everything else going on at the time, in the back of my mind, I was thinking what if I would have woke up my wife, and we did make that call to both of our sons to see if they were okay,  could that have prevented the accident.  That dream and the “what if” stayed with me for some time, it also made me feel partially responsible, because I passed it off as a dream.  I was given the answer to that question about 8 months after Billy crossed over to heaven when we visited Spirit messenger Vicki Monroe.  Billy told us, through Vicki Monroe that there was NOTHING anyone could have said or done that would have changed the event,  that It was time for Billy to go home ” heaven”.  Billy’s work here in the physical life was completed and that it was time to go and for us not to worry,  because he was safe, healthy, happy for he was home and for us to live our lives to the fullest, to be happy.

I just want others to understand, and to those who have sent me those emails,  you should never feel in any way responsible or hold yourself partially responsible for your loss because you think you could have prevented or had something to do with your loss.  Yes, I know it isn’t easy, I’ve been there, I know how difficult it is to get that feeling out of your mind.  There may be countless ways we may feel partially responsible for the loss of our loved one, whether it comes from a dream, sending our loved ones on an errand, insisting they go to some event, work related and so on.  Our loved ones in “heaven” DO NOT want us in any way to feel responsible;  they want us, to always keep moving forward, living our lives to the fullest and to be happy.  Take it one day at a time.  Our loved ones in “heaven” are always close by and have only pure love for us.

Have a great day



      I would like to recommend a few books on  true stories about people who have received signs from loved ones in heaven,which I have read and would like to let others know about.

  The first is by Rosemary Smith called Children of the Dome, a collection of 28 stories collected by Rosemary over the years.   In the back pages of Children of the Dome Rosemary there is a collection of photographs of the loved ones who have crossed over, which puts a face to each story. My wife and I also had the honor of meeting Rosemary and her husband Luther in Portland Maine where we were able to view Spaces between Breaths which is an amazing  film about families who have had a loved one cross over to heaven. You can visit Rosemary website at

      The second book is by Josie Varga – Josie is the author of a new book called Visit From Heaven, which I have read, is  remarkable experiences by ordinary people who have been communicated with in some way by loved ones who have crossed over to heaven.  Josie has included the story of the loss of our son Billy, which we are very thank for.  You can visit Josie at

      The third book is by Mary Shannon Bell – Mary is the author of Loving Gifts From heaven.  Stories of comfort and counsel from loved ones “above”, a collection of stories of signs which Mary has collected over the pass 5 years since her dad’s passing.  What I love about Mary’s stories are how she is able to make the connection, with what I know that I have missed at times, are all the little signs that are loved ones can and do leave us.  You can visit Mary at her website

      The last of course is our book Signs From Our Loved ones – Our book is a collection of about 120 signs from loved ones who have crossed over to heaven in the form of photographs.  We have been able and continue to take these amazing photographs about 10 months after the loss of our son Billy, who crossed over to heaven on June 26 2004. In our book you will see spirit signs in the form of spirit orbs, moving lights, spirit essence and our favorite the heart-shaped image of the moon.  You can visit our website  and view a few pages of the amazing photographs and our book.     ( Our book Signs From Our Loved Oves )  is being revised at this time, please check back soon.

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     Our loved ones who have crossed over to heaven are always close by and they do try to let us know that they are around. Reading my blog or website you can see one of the most obvious signs are through photographs like orbs, moving lights, spirit essence and our favorite the image of the moon in the shape of a heart. But there are many other signs that our loved ones can and do leave us.  We have a couple of motion sensor light’s that Billy will keep making them blink on and off, sometimes for many minutes at a time. Other signs from Billy are heart-shaped clouds, making my cursor on my laptop move across the screen, playing around with our Xbox video games and another favorite are through dreams which are so vivid, full of color and feel very real, which they are.

     I have a friend Mary Shannon Bell who also has a website and blog with different types of signs that our loved ones can and do give us. Some of which I haven’t paid much attention to that I found very interesting. You can visit Mary’s blog at  I’m sure that you will enjoy reading Mary’s blog and about the signs that she has been able to receive.

Have a great day


    June 26 2010 will make 6 years since the loss of our son Billy, who crossed over to heaven on that day.  I will touch on my own personal from that day to today.  The loss of a child no matter what age they are at their time of passing, is the most devastating feeling that any parent could ever go through.

    It is the most heartbreaking, life draining, painful, mind numbing and so on……….. feelings that anyone could ever go through.  But I can tell you that, as a father who has suffered that experience  myself and as difficult as it is to go through, life will get better. You will start to have more good days than bad days, it may seem impossible but you will get there, one day at a time, but you will have to do your part by moving forward.   I can tell you from the many emails that we have received over the years, that there is no set time or way of going through your grief because everyone is different.  The important thing is to always try to keep moving forward and living your life to the fullest.

    For me personally, the loss of our son Billy nearly took everything out of me, I did not want to do anything, I felt lost, very depressed,  I went from around 190 lbs to 160 lbs and I didn’t look so good I’m not saying that I looked good before, just that I didn’t look like the same person. It was very difficult to want to go to work or work at all and I needed help to deal with the loss of our son Billy

    One of the ways that received help was with a meeting with spirit messenger Vicki Monroe who helped us when she was able to connect with our son Billy in heaven.  Vicki’s message from Billy was amazing and very uplifting which also helped me to create our website which also helped me as a healing tool and by the many emails that we have received, it is also helping others.  It took about two years, give or take for me to really start living my life again. everyone is welcome to visit our website and read or story and of the amazing events, ( signs from Billy in heaven ) which began to occur to us.

    I can tell you that our loved ones when they cross over to heaven only have pure love for us and that they are closer to us then they were while in their physical form.  They want the very best for us to keep moving forward and to live our lives to the fullest.  They are always near by they know how we are feeling and when we are thinking about them and that when it is our time to cross over to heaven they will be there to greet us.

    For anyone who needs help dealing with their loss, it’s good to seek help from those who can help you whether it’s family, friend, a counselor or someone who you know who has gone through a loss to talk too.  There are many websites that also forums for anyone who has suffered a loss of a loved one where you can share your grief with others and read comments and articles by people who have gone through a loss. Two of these type’s of websites are and others are  and . There are places like a place that you can set up very easily a webpage on their website in honor of your loved one, which others can read and talk about their grief and recovery. And of course another helpful way is through a spirit medium, that helped me and I know of many others who have been help deal with their loss through a medium, just make sure that the medium you are seeing is the real deal, like a Vicki Monroe, . I hope this can be of help to all of those who have suffered a loss in some way and remember, take it one day at a time and always try to keep moving forward.  Your more than welcome to send us an email at any time at .

Have a great day