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Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone around the world.  I was thinking about what to write and I even asked my son Billy in heaven to help me with it. Then it hit me that Valentine’s day is today and our loved ones who have crossed over to heaven are still with us and want us to understand that they still love us with all of their hearts and want us to know this, what better day than Valentine’s day to let everyone know.

 One of the things that I buy for my wife Jo-Anne are roses, since the loss of our son Billy I started buying just 3 roses on Valentine’s day. One from our son Billy, one from our other son Robert who is still with us and one is from myself.  This year I bought my wife Jo-Anne 4 roses, I have this year included her dad who crossed over last October.  I just want to let others know that there is nothing wrong with including the names of our loved ones who have crossed over to heaven for things like that.  They are still very close to us and want us to know that there love for us is never-ending.  

This photo below is one of many heart shaped signs that we have received from our son Billy

Heart Shaped Moon

Love is everything and nothing else matters.

Happy Valentine’s day


Love You Never Ending

August 12, 2010

I would like to share a short story that happened to us last weekend which was on a Saturday Afternoon on August 7 2010. My wife and I had the great pleasure and joy of babysitting a niece and nephew of ours that weekend, anyway to keep this short, after a fun-filled morning of running errands with them, we got home and went into our family room where they can play and watch some TV.  I would say it was about an hour or so when our nephew Cameron came over to me and sat on my lap to watch TV.

After watching some TV my nephew Cameron turned his head around to look at me and with a big smile and great joy on his face asked me, Uncle Guy what is the highest number that you can count to.  I told him that I can probably count forever, it’s probably never-ending.  Cameron still with that great smile on his face looked at me and said that’s how much I love you Uncle Guy,  I love you never-ending Uncle Guy,  he then repeated the same thing for all of his family.  I was amazed by what he said.

It’s amazing that words like that can come from someone who isn’t even 5 years old.  I wanted to mention this story because it fits right in with our son Billy in “heaven” has been getting across to us with his heart-shaped images of the moon and the message that Love is everything and nothing else matters.

For those of you who have never visited our son Billy’s website you’re welcome to visit read our story, view a few pages of the types of signs that we have and continue to receive from Billy and read our poem Love is everything, which is also on this blog.

By the way Cameron kept repeating that same I love you never-ending all weekend, and we cherish every single one.  Who knows Billy might have whispered those words into his ear for us to receive. 

 We have a quote in our book Signs From Our Loved Ones which goes like this.

We have inside of all of us the greatest, most powerful and precious gift that we can give to someone and to everyone, LOVE

My hope is that one day everyone on earth can say those same words and mean it to each other, wouldn’t this world be a much better place, wouldn’t that be something.

By the way I also have been using that same way of saying I love you to others.

Love You Never Ending