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Spirit Lights

September 17, 2010

Spirit lights

 Last weekend we celebrated my parents 60th wedding anniversary which was held outdoors at our home on September 11 2010. It’s always a great time to have  family and friends getting together and enjoying each other company and even better when we can celebrate 60 years of  a couple being together for that amount of time, just think of all of the memories that they have collected over that time.   

Anyway the reason that I mentioned my parents 60th wedding anniversary is because it’s about love family and friends having a great time and enjoying each others company. Of course we are not the only ones at our parents 60th wedding anniversary party, as you know I have taken and continue to take many photographs, not only of family events but signs from our loved ones on the other side. Our loved ones who cross over to “heaven” are always close by and they to love to go to family events like the rest of us. I have taken many photographs at weddings and other family events in which our loved ones can and do let us know that they are very close to us and want us to know that they are close by.  

I would like to share 3 photographs that were taken at my parents 60th. I won’t upload any photographs which have a clear view of anyone at our anniversary party, of course for their privacy and I haven’t asked any of them for their okay, it’s something I may do so that I can display many other photographs with people and spirit activity. 

This first photograph at the top of this page was taken a couple of days before the party, my wife and I were setting thing’s up for the weekend party. This photo shows the frame-work with lights which will have a canopy in case of rain, as you can see the tiny christmas tree lights were streaking. 

In the second photograph which was taken a little later in the evening. you can see very clearly the tables, chairs, water bottles and the heavy spirit activity that was happening under our homemade canopy. 

Inside our canopy moving lights

Our third photograph was taken near the end of my parents 60th wedding anniversary party. It was starting to cool off so we started a camp fire to stay warm, we sat and talked and of course we took a few photographs of which this in one of a few that were taken with spirit activity. They sure enjoy letting us know that they are near by, which is okay with me.  

Spirit activity

Our loved ones who have crossed over to “heaven” are alway close by and they can and do give us signs that they are close by. So the next time that you have a family event or some type of gathering, try taking a few photographs, I mostly use night flash when taking any photographs, it seems to work the best.  I also mostly use two digital cameras, but I have noticed that the inexpensive disposable cameras work well, especially at weddings.

 Remember Love is everything and nothing else matters.


Love You Never Ending

August 12, 2010

I would like to share a short story that happened to us last weekend which was on a Saturday Afternoon on August 7 2010. My wife and I had the great pleasure and joy of babysitting a niece and nephew of ours that weekend, anyway to keep this short, after a fun-filled morning of running errands with them, we got home and went into our family room where they can play and watch some TV.  I would say it was about an hour or so when our nephew Cameron came over to me and sat on my lap to watch TV.

After watching some TV my nephew Cameron turned his head around to look at me and with a big smile and great joy on his face asked me, Uncle Guy what is the highest number that you can count to.  I told him that I can probably count forever, it’s probably never-ending.  Cameron still with that great smile on his face looked at me and said that’s how much I love you Uncle Guy,  I love you never-ending Uncle Guy,  he then repeated the same thing for all of his family.  I was amazed by what he said.

It’s amazing that words like that can come from someone who isn’t even 5 years old.  I wanted to mention this story because it fits right in with our son Billy in “heaven” has been getting across to us with his heart-shaped images of the moon and the message that Love is everything and nothing else matters.

For those of you who have never visited our son Billy’s website you’re welcome to visit read our story, view a few pages of the types of signs that we have and continue to receive from Billy and read our poem Love is everything, which is also on this blog.

By the way Cameron kept repeating that same I love you never-ending all weekend, and we cherish every single one.  Who knows Billy might have whispered those words into his ear for us to receive. 

 We have a quote in our book Signs From Our Loved Ones which goes like this.

We have inside of all of us the greatest, most powerful and precious gift that we can give to someone and to everyone, LOVE

My hope is that one day everyone on earth can say those same words and mean it to each other, wouldn’t this world be a much better place, wouldn’t that be something.

By the way I also have been using that same way of saying I love you to others.

Love You Never Ending


 I would like to share our new video Titled – Love is everything. Our poem includes a collection of heart shaped images that we have and continue to receive from our son Billy in heaven. We hope that you enjoy the short video.

Have a great day

Taking Spirit Photo’s

April 22, 2010

I started taking spirit photograph’s about 10 months after the loss of our son Billy which was about late April of 2005.  I have had many emails and people ask me how I am able to and what type of cameras that I use. Being able to take these photograph’s, again was because of the loss of one son Billy. 
The how; was that I began to read of different ways that we can connect with our loved ones who have crossed over to heaven, like spirit mediums, meditating, praying  and then I came across that they can connect with us through photographs with their energy, I thought that was one way I wanted to try. So one morning late April of 2005 I took my Kodak Easy Share cx7300  and went outdoors and just started taking photographs at random to see what would happen, if anything and to my surprize when I downloaded the photograph’s onto my computer there were some spirit orbs around our Crab Apple tree. I have inserted on to this post one of the first photograph’s I set out to take, as you’ll notice the white orbs around our tree. 

Spirit Orbs

 Since that day I began to keep, you might say a daily log of all of the spirit photos which has numbered into many thousands.  We have a website which everyone can visit read our story and view a few pages of the types of photo’s that we are able and continue to take. The Christmass of that year 2005 my wife bought me a new Kodak Easy Share z760 6.1 mega pixel camera. 
I then began to use two camera’s at a time while taking spirit photograph’s, I would take a picture with one camera then switch to my other camera. That worked so well I started using 3 camera’s while taking spirit photograph’s. I thought I would try the low priced disposable camera’s on day’s that I thought was going to be a great day to take photograph’s, which turned out to work out very well, although I did drop my Kodak Easy Share z760 and damaged it, I had to go out and buy a new one…….. Oh well.

To get to the point of the types of camera’s I mostly us my two digital Kodak easy share camera’s and many of the disposable camera’s. Most of my photo’s which would be about 99.9% of them have been taken with the regular or night flash settings on my camera’s. I do on a few occasion try different settings like no flash. As for the disposable camera’s I would just use them mostly when I knew that it was going to be a great day to take spirit photo’s and just click away then bring the camera to our local Wal-Mart and pick up the photo’s an hour later.

I hope this has been a help for those who wonder what type of camera’s that I have been using and if you have any questions feel free to comment or send me an email.

Have a great day