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I would like to share our new updated, Love is everything nothing else matters video. Our video is a collection of  amazing heart-shaped images of the moon and christmas tree lights. We have been and continue to receive these amazing heart-shaped images from our son Billy who crossed over to heaven on June 26 2004. We have a website which everyone is welcome to visit, read our story and view a few pages of the amazing signs that we continue to receive from our son Billy.  We hope that you enjoy the short video.

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    My New Years resolution is to hopefully, share with everyone on earth our true purpose here on earth, why we are here.  Anyone who has read my blog or visited our website will have an idea of what I am about to write about.

    Since the loss of our son Billy in 2004, one of my goals has been to try to connect with our son Billy in heaven, which we have been able to accomplish in different ways. Here are to name a few ways that we have been able to connect with Billy, spirit medium, dreams, blinking lights, Billy playing around with our computer, messages from Billy and the most common way that we have been able to connect with Billy are through our spirit photographs that we have and continue to take. Here are a few, spirit orbs, spirit essence, streaking lights and our favorite the heart-shaped images  of the moon, street lights, christmas tree lights.

    Which brings me back to the true purpose of why we are here?  Billy has helped me with this message of why we are here, through the heart- shaped images in our spirit photographs, – LOVE – love is the reason why we are here – meaning – How we treat one another and that is how we grow spiritually.

    That is our purpose here on earth. LOVE – How we treat one another, no matter what religion or no religious beliefs at all, no matter what the color of your skin is, or if your rich or poor, famous or just your average Joe, male or female, young or old, it doesn’t matter what you do for work, or what country that you are from, or anything else that you can add to this list, it just doesn’t matter, because LOVE is everything and nothing else matters.

    It is all about how we treat every single person in our lives and every single person that we come across and every person that we talk about in our lifetime; it doesn’t matter if you have known this person for a lifetime or for a very brief moment, or never knew the person that you came across.  Everything that we are here to do revolves around how we treat every single person that we come across in our lifetime, and how we treat that person can make a difference in their life and they in turn can make a difference in someone else’s life and so on.

   One person at a time, that’s where it begins.   After all, WE are all part of one family – LOVE IS EVERYTHING AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

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    June 26 2010 will make 6 years since the loss of our son Billy, who crossed over to heaven on that day.  I will touch on my own personal from that day to today.  The loss of a child no matter what age they are at their time of passing, is the most devastating feeling that any parent could ever go through.

    It is the most heartbreaking, life draining, painful, mind numbing and so on……….. feelings that anyone could ever go through.  But I can tell you that, as a father who has suffered that experience  myself and as difficult as it is to go through, life will get better. You will start to have more good days than bad days, it may seem impossible but you will get there, one day at a time, but you will have to do your part by moving forward.   I can tell you from the many emails that we have received over the years, that there is no set time or way of going through your grief because everyone is different.  The important thing is to always try to keep moving forward and living your life to the fullest.

    For me personally, the loss of our son Billy nearly took everything out of me, I did not want to do anything, I felt lost, very depressed,  I went from around 190 lbs to 160 lbs and I didn’t look so good I’m not saying that I looked good before, just that I didn’t look like the same person. It was very difficult to want to go to work or work at all and I needed help to deal with the loss of our son Billy

    One of the ways that received help was with a meeting with spirit messenger Vicki Monroe who helped us when she was able to connect with our son Billy in heaven.  Vicki’s message from Billy was amazing and very uplifting which also helped me to create our website which also helped me as a healing tool and by the many emails that we have received, it is also helping others.  It took about two years, give or take for me to really start living my life again. everyone is welcome to visit our website and read or story and of the amazing events, ( signs from Billy in heaven ) which began to occur to us.

    I can tell you that our loved ones when they cross over to heaven only have pure love for us and that they are closer to us then they were while in their physical form.  They want the very best for us to keep moving forward and to live our lives to the fullest.  They are always near by they know how we are feeling and when we are thinking about them and that when it is our time to cross over to heaven they will be there to greet us.

    For anyone who needs help dealing with their loss, it’s good to seek help from those who can help you whether it’s family, friend, a counselor or someone who you know who has gone through a loss to talk too.  There are many websites that also forums for anyone who has suffered a loss of a loved one where you can share your grief with others and read comments and articles by people who have gone through a loss. Two of these type’s of websites are and others are  and . There are places like a place that you can set up very easily a webpage on their website in honor of your loved one, which others can read and talk about their grief and recovery. And of course another helpful way is through a spirit medium, that helped me and I know of many others who have been help deal with their loss through a medium, just make sure that the medium you are seeing is the real deal, like a Vicki Monroe, . I hope this can be of help to all of those who have suffered a loss in some way and remember, take it one day at a time and always try to keep moving forward.  Your more than welcome to send us an email at any time at .

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 I would like to share our new video Titled – Love is everything. Our poem includes a collection of heart shaped images that we have and continue to receive from our son Billy in heaven. We hope that you enjoy the short video.

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Love Is Everything

April 19, 2010

Heart Shaped Moon

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April 19, 2010

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