Signs from our loved ones

February 4, 2020

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My new book From Our Loved Ones In Heaven- We are Still With you, is now available on our loved ones cover EBOOK PROOF 2

Our loved ones who have crossed over can and do connect with us in countless different ways. 

Dreams are one of the ways that our loved ones do connect with us and I would like to share one

of those dreams with you.  This short dream with our son Billy who crossed over on June 26 2004 had

taken place a few years ago and it began like this.     A handful of us were gathering in a place that

I would call a drug store/hardware store, something like you would see in the tv show Mayberry

with sheriff Andy Taylor.   Anyway,  we were all just hanging around the store talking when Billy

cracked a joke that got all of us laughing so hard that our faces were turning red and we all had a

huge smile on our faces.  I was laughing so hard that I felt I was about to wake up and start laughing out

loud in bed. It was a great feeling, to be with my son who had crossed over and have a great laugh with him

again.   After our laughter we all went our separate ways.  Don’t disregard a dream that you had about

your loved ones, as just a dream, they can and do connect with us through our dreams.  I can tell you

I can still feel the laughter to this day, it was and still is an awesome feeling.  I just wish I could have

remembered the joke….lol.

Love is everything

nothing else matters

Have a great day


      I would like to recommend a few books on  true stories about people who have received signs from loved ones in heaven,which I have read and would like to let others know about.

  The first is by Rosemary Smith called Children of the Dome, a collection of 28 stories collected by Rosemary over the years.   In the back pages of Children of the Dome Rosemary there is a collection of photographs of the loved ones who have crossed over, which puts a face to each story. My wife and I also had the honor of meeting Rosemary and her husband Luther in Portland Maine where we were able to view Spaces between Breaths which is an amazing  film about families who have had a loved one cross over to heaven. You can visit Rosemary website at

      The second book is by Josie Varga – Josie is the author of a new book called Visit From Heaven, which I have read, is  remarkable experiences by ordinary people who have been communicated with in some way by loved ones who have crossed over to heaven.  Josie has included the story of the loss of our son Billy, which we are very thank for.  You can visit Josie at

      The third book is by Mary Shannon Bell – Mary is the author of Loving Gifts From heaven.  Stories of comfort and counsel from loved ones “above”, a collection of stories of signs which Mary has collected over the pass 5 years since her dad’s passing.  What I love about Mary’s stories are how she is able to make the connection, with what I know that I have missed at times, are all the little signs that are loved ones can and do leave us.  You can visit Mary at her website

      The last of course is our book Signs From Our Loved ones – Our book is a collection of about 120 signs from loved ones who have crossed over to heaven in the form of photographs.  We have been able and continue to take these amazing photographs about 10 months after the loss of our son Billy, who crossed over to heaven on June 26 2004. In our book you will see spirit signs in the form of spirit orbs, moving lights, spirit essence and our favorite the heart-shaped image of the moon.  You can visit our website  and view a few pages of the amazing photographs and our book.     ( Our book Signs From Our Loved Oves )  is being revised at this time, please check back soon.

Have a great day