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May 18, 2014


Letting Go

May 1, 2012

Letting go has been talked about many times on websites, books and people all over the world……..letting go of a loved one.

Letting go can have different meaning and be interpreted differently by everyone.  Maybe people should be more specific about what they mean about letting go and not just a wide stroke of saying you have to let go and move on.

We NEVER have to”let go”. I will never let go.


There is one part that we do have to let go of and for anyone who has ever dealt with the loss of a loved one, it’s the most difficult thing to do, letting go of the physical part of our loved one.

I have learned about letting go from the loss of our son Billy,who crossed over on June 26 2004 and of all of our loved ones who have crossed over is that,in time we have to let go of the physical part of our loved ones….in our own time. Meaning letting go of thinking and feeling that our loved one may still one day walk through that door or make that call or we will wake up thinking is was just a dream/nightmare.  Being obsessed, with hoping that they can come back to us somehow wanting to hold them as they were.  I know EXACTLY how it feels,I’ll use one of my own example’s…..of what I wanted……and this is no joke….. I have told this to only two people,before I posted this onto our group page on facebook.  Letting go is only of the physical part ONLY, we keep everything else, I will always have  memories and items of Billy with us. 

I was so desperate to find a way to get my son Billy back and I am sure that many of you felt the same way about your loved one, that I looked at books and went online to see if there was any possible way of going back in time, and I didn’t care if I had to sell my house to get it done, ( if it was even possible) to get our son Billy back.  No,of course not, But when in deep grief you will try and think of any means possible or remotely or even impossible to have your loved one back with you.  

Yes,  we do have to ” let go ” or whatever else you would like to call it, but only that one part of them, ( the physical part ) and yes it’s the most difficult thing anyone will ever have to deal with in their lives.  Like I mentioned earlier, in our own time, it’s different for everyone. There is no set time or way of doing it, we are all different and grieve differently. If  we don’t, we can’t really start to move forward with our own lives.

Our loved ones who have crossed over are always with us and so very close by,  all be it in spirit form/energy.  Our true form is spirit or energy it’s the same thing, for that is who we really are, a spirit being, using a human form experiencing a flesh and blood life here on earth in physical form to learn (earth being or school) and experience life to the fullest and most of all to LOVE……….HOW WE TREAT ONE ANOTHER.  When our own journey/purpose here on earth is completed we to go”home” heaven, otherside or afterlife all the same, where we will be reunited with our loved ones who have crossed over before us and have nothing but pure love.

I, like many of you have had to deal with “letting go” or for some of you in the process of “letting go” ( the physical part) and it doesn’t mean we let go of the memories, forget their name, don’t mention their name or remove all photo’s and things from your home…… That would be crazy, never happen.  I have and I am sure you all have and will always have great memories of your loved ones who have crossed over, I sure do and will always have them.  The same thing goes for things that belonged to them, I have kept things which belonged to our son Billy,why not Billy was and is still part of my life and I will always keep a few things of his.

Yes,”LETTING GO” of the physical part of our loved one IS the most difficult thing we can ever do, it isn’t easy, it’s also the most painful thing anyone of us will ever go through.  We are in human form, with a human mind with feelings and love.

Just because we do have to “let go’ of the ( physical part ) of our loved ones, it doesn’t mean that our loved ones will think we have forgotten about them, let them down or be upset with us or think we don’t loved them any more……no way, it doesn’t work that way.  Our loved ones always know what’s in our hearts,they know the love we have for them.

We have to take it one day at a time and if you have to one hour, one minute and even one second at a time if you have to and we DO have to. Our loved ones want with all of their hearts for us to start living our lives to the fullest again, but start at your own pace, but start.

Love is everything and nothing else matters.

Our facebook group page, feel free to visit or join if you like.

      June 26 2011 will make 7 years since the loss of our son Billy, who crossed over to heaven after an accident while riding ATV at night. I just wanted to leave a short message for anyone else who has suffered a loss and wonders what it’s like 7 years after a loss. I can only speak for myself of what I felt then and feel 7 years later.

    To get a better feel of what I felt in the beginning we have a website which everyone can visit and read our story. What I can tell you that it was the most heartbreaking, mind numbing, life draining, you could say a living hell that any parent could ever experience.   Going through grief is different for everyone, we have received many emails from all over and they have shared their experience with us and most are pretty much the same, a few have dealt with their grief in a different way, which is what I have mentioned earlier, is that people grieve in their own way and length of time.

    For me things began to change when my wife mentioned an idea from a friend of hers, who had also suffered the loss of a child, which was to visit a spirit medium, which we did.  Visiting a medium named Vicki Monroe help make a difference in moving forward with my life and hearing from our son Billy ( through ) Vicki Monroe, is that our loved ones want us to start moving forward as soon as possible, living our lives to the fullest.  It’s ok to grieve, but there comes a time ( it’s different for everyone ) that we must start living our lives again, that’s what our loved ones want us to do.  because when it’s our time to cross over to heaven, we will be together again.

    After our meeting with Vicki Monroe, I would say about 2 to 3 months later, I learned that one of the ways that our loved ones can and do connect with us are through photographs.  I started to take pictures at random outside and inside of our home to see if we could receive any signs from our son Billy in that way. We were able to and continue to receive many signs from our son Billy that he is still with us, but in his true form ( spirit ). Our favorite sign from Billy are the heart-shaped images of the moon and lights of which we have 100’s of them. You can visit our website  and view a few pages of the type of signs that we continue to receive to this day.

    As the years have passed by life does get better, one day at a time,  things do start to get back into a ( normal as it can be ) life.  We never forget what it was like losing a child and we talk about Billy from time to time, of course I work with Billy’s website, book, articles take photographs and answer emails from people from all over.  We enjoy life, we are very happy, do the best we can and try to help others. For anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one, I can tell you from my experience  and with the many emails that we have received from others that life will get better for you. It may not seem like it right now, but in time it will, one day at a time and that is what our loved ones in heaven want, they want us to be happy, enjoy life to the fullest.  We have on this blog other articles about getting help which you can read and if you like,  you can send me an email and I’ll do the best that I can to answer your questions.

    Remember, our loved ones who have crossed over want with all their heart for us to start living our lives again, be happy,  to move forward, we have to do our part and our loved ones in heaven can also help us along our life journey, but we have to want to start living again.

Love is everything and nothing matters.